About Me

Hi there! My name's Amanda, a 21-year-old from Los Angeles. I'm studying Communication so I thought I might as well practice communicating my thoughts into words! I'm starting this blog as a new year's resolution to myself to do one of three things each day:

  • Put together an outfit I'm proud of that doesn't incorporate sweatpants in any way. (This task is quite the struggle for me, if you can believe it.)
  • Teach myself to cook something (Pasta and cereal just isn't going to cut it.)
  • Or write a post about something. Anything. Maybe I'll be really passionate about it. Maybe I'll just want to write a mean letter to someone and never send it (but conclude that posting it on a public blog will somehow be more cathartic?) Either way, I've always wanted to practice my writing skills as it's important in any job I'll be taking on in the future. (Look at me sounding all responsible)
Anyway, join me on this wonderful journey through my last semester of college and to my first step into the real working world where I need to, dare I say it, become an adult.

Also, feel free to browse my writings and concert reviews on a great music blog I write for called Rukkus located on my sidebar under "My Music Reviews."


- Amanda 

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