Sunday, January 5, 2014

FOMO Fest 2014 (What Would Have Been)

First off, I'm so sorry I've neglected this blog for the past 3 days. I honestly knew this was going to happen but maybe I fooled a couple of you into thinking I was actually going to stick to a post-a-day on this thing.

Anyway, this past friday I bought tickets to FOMO Fest 2014 at the Echo and I was so stoked to see the lineup. When I stalked the bands beforehand, I really started to dig Bogan Via, Avid Dancer, and Fever the Ghost. They're all local talent so I was excited to see them all in one place!

But alas, all my concert-going friends were out of town, making me force one of my friends who'd rather not listen to weird indie-DIY music to come with me so I wouldn't feel so lonely. I know, I'm weak.

Even though doors were at 7:30, I thought getting there at 8:30 would have allowed time for the crowds to form but literally no one was there! But we came in just in time for Bogan Via and I really enjoyed their set. Their voices sounded lovely together and I loved the keyboard addition. Here's a clip of their song "Kanye" here:

But by the time they were finishing up their set, my friend wanted out. And since there were no ins and outs, and I'm such a killer friend, I gave in and we left. So I attended FOMO for a grand total of 30 minutes.

I think from now on, if i really want to go to a show and no one wants to go with me, I'm just gonna suck it up and go by myself. It's interesting to see how weird of a turn my music taste has taken but it would be nice to have a buddy that's down to go with me to whatever kind of show. Like a little musical pocket elf I can bring out to make myself look less awkward and alone! Does that make sense? Well for now, I'm just gonna sulk and listen to what would have been a great performance by Avid Dancer and Fever the Ghost (with links below):

Avid Dancer - Stop Playing With My Heart

Have a good listen, lovelies!


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